This N64 Controller Can Play The Entire Game Boy Library 1
Image: MaSaKee

We've seen some pretty awesome community-made mods in recent years, such as a rare PS1 controller that can play PS1 games, a Wii console that's about the size of a pack of cards and even a NES cartridge that can play itself – but this latest invention from modder MaSaKee really has our pulse racing.

The modder has taken a broken N64 controller and given it a new purpose: playing Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. We're talking physical carts here, too – this pad contains a fully-functional GBA console, and isn't based on emulation.

There's an internal speaker for sound, which is located beneath the C-buttons (that's why there are those four little holes), as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack and a rechargeable battery. MaSaKee has even included LED lights to indicate when the pad is turned or charging.

Granted, that small screen – taken from a Game Boy Micro – might make prolonged play tricky, but just imagine how cool you'd look rocking this thing on the bus to work. The mod apparently took around 18-20 hours to complete.

When asked if they would consider selling, MaSaKee replies, "Maybe" – so who knows, one day you could own this beautiful device. However, the modder says that the price "would be not cool i guess".

What could possibly be next in the wild and wacky world of console modding? "Next stop, a real n64 inside this controller," jokes MaSaKee. You never know...