Update [Thu 18th Apr, 2024 13:25 BST]: It has been confirmed that GBA Bluetooth TX also works with the recently-released Delta emulator on iPhone:

Original Story [Fri 12th Apr, 2024 15:30 BST]: Modder insideGadgets has just produced a cartridge which allows you to control your Switch (and other Bluetooth devices) using a GBA.

The GBA Bluetooth TX cart basically makes your GBA console behave as if it were an 8BitDo Zero 2 wireless controller, which means you can use it with your PC, tablet or smartphone, too.

The developer is happy to have people register their interest in this rather unique control solution via their online store but warns that "due to the complexity to make, it's a bit pricey."

The cart has a refresh rate of 2ms and allows input from all of the GBA's buttons – Up, Down, Left, Right, Start, Select, B, A, L, R – to be transmitted to the connected device.

The 8bitDo Zero 2 costs around $20, so it remains to be seen if the GBA Bluetooth TX is cheaper than that. Even if it isn't (which we suspect might be the case), it's still cool to be able to use your GBA as a wireless controller.

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