Modder Upgrades The PSP For 2024 1
Image: @machonachomedia

The PSP may be getting on a bit now, but it still feels like a futuristic device to us; that sleek design, pocket-sized frame and wide selection of amazing games means that it's still a great daily driver, even in 2024 – but, as is so often the case with vintage hardware, there's certainly room for improvement.

Enter the brilliant Macho Nacho Productions, which has taken some of the more exciting PSP mods on the market and pulled them together to create the "ultimate" version of Sony's first handheld games machine.

The first improvement is a new IPS screen, which offers a big step up from the original. As you can see from the footage below, this on its own makes a huge difference, but this upgraded system also factors in the PSP HDMI mod, which allows you to connect your console to a TV via HDMI for big-picture play.

Couple this with custom firmware and a MicroSD card adapter to store all of your games, and you've basically got an epic PSP upgrade which will make your handheld even more appealing.

The downside? These are quite invasive mods and require you to not only alter the internal layout of the console's casing but also solder up some wiring. We'd recommend anyone who isn't confident doing this kind of work to track down a suitable installer.

Let us know if you fancy getting your PSP up to date by posting a comment below.