You Can Now Unbrick Any Sony PSP 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

The Sony PlayStation Portable was a fantastic handheld during its active lifespan, but it's arguably an even more exciting one today thanks to the fact that it's so easy to hack it with custom firmware, opening up homebrew and emulation possibilities.

Indeed, many people still swear by the PSP as a retro gaming device despite the fact that its internal tech is rather old by modern standards.

However, as anyone who has dabbled in the realm of modded consoles will attest, hacking a PSP isn't without its risks, and plenty of people have found their device to be "bricked" following a botched custom firmware install.

The good news is that those days are officially over, thanks to the efforts of the homebrew and modding community – specifically @DaveeFTW, who has created an unbricking tool which can bring any PSP back from the dead.

Aiseirigh is a universal unbricker tool for all PSP models, including the PSP Go. "In combination with Baryonsweeper and custom FSM jigs you can turn your worthless brick laying in the drawer back into your precious handheld device," says Twitter user @OfficialThibobo.

That's not the only exciting piece of news related to Sony's handheld; according to modder @The_Zett, full custom firmware is on the way for all PSP models, too.