The Console Chronicles Retail Edition Launches This October 1
Image: Lost in Cult

You might recall that last year, we teamed up with the lovely people over at Lost in Cult to create The Console Chronicles, a lavish coffee-table book which looks back at the past few decades of home video gaming and features some of the most talented writers in the business.

We're pleased to report that the book is set to ship this June, so those who kindly backed it and made it a reality will be getting their copies around about then.

However, we're also pleased to report that The Console Chronicles will be available from all major book retailers, as HarperCollins is publishing a retail edition via its Expanse imprint.

"We couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to collaborate with Expanse and HarperCollins once more," says Lost in Cult's Abram Buehner. "They’re a joy to work with — and it’s a distinct pleasure to be able to share The Console Chronicles with such a wide audience."

It's currently still possible to pre-order the book from Lost in Cult.

The retail edition is expected to launch in October and will be subtly different from the Campaign Edition, which will contain exclusive artwork and extras. The book will launch alongside A Handheld History: 88-95, another Lost in Cult project which was created in conjunction with the fantastic folks at Retro Dodo.

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