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Update (Thu 11th Apr, 2024 13:00 BST): Now for something we completely missed at the time. It seems that late last month (on March 27th), Sunsoft officially released its enhanced version of Hebereke: Enjoy Edition for both Nintendo Switch and Steam in the West.

The game had previously been confirmed for a Nintendo Switch release in Japan and was also revealed to feature English language options. However, it wasn't quite clear at the time of its announcement whether it would also be made available on Western storefronts and other platforms, or whether people would need a Japanese Switch account in order to check it out.

If you want to pick up the game, you can do so now on either storefront. It costs £8.99/$9.99, with the Steam version also having the option to purchase a bundle with a 15-track soundtrack.

Original article (Wed 28th Feb, 2024 15:35 GMT): The developer/publisher City Connection has announced today that it will be bringing a new version of the Famicom platformer Hebereke to the Nintendo Switch in Japan (thanks Gematsu!).

Hebereke: Enjoy Edition will be released to celebrate the launch of Sunsoft's modern-day sequel Hebereke 2 / Ufouria The Saga 2 and is scheduled to arrive next month on March 28th with English and Japanese language support.

The new version of the game will feature a freshly implemented speedrunning mode with online rankings, in addition to a separate mode for beginners that contains the ability to create save states, rewind time, and "fire continuously" (making it easier to jump).

It will be sold for ¥1,490 (which roughly converts to £7.80/$9.88/€9.12). However, it's currently unknown whether it will also appear on Western storefronts or whether people outside of Japan will need to use a Japanese Switch account to access the game.

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