One Of The Rarest NES Games Is Currently Up For Auction At Goodwill 1
Image: Taito

Little Samson, one of the hardest NES games to track down, has been spotted in a job lot of titles up for sale on, a non-profit auction site connected with the chain of Goodwill charity/thrift stores in North America.

Released by Taito to poor sales in 1992, the game can fetch as much as $18,000 in graded condition. The example shown in this auction appears to be complete, but has masking tape holding the top of the box shut – a fact that will no doubt have serious collectors positively wincing in pain.

The auction – which also includes titles such as Mario is Missing, Tecmo Super Bowl, Yoshi's Cookie and Cobra Triangle – kicked off with a $1 starting bid but is already past the $2,000 mark, and it has over six days remaining. As Digital Eclipse's Chris Kohler notes, "well, this should be fun."

The auction notes that the items "show signs of wear" and are being sold "as is". The Goodwill store selling the lot is located in Western New York.

While none of the other games in the lot are anywhere near as collectable, Day Dreamin' Davy can fetch over $100 when complete.

The value of NES games has been a hot topic recently, with many titles fetching high prices – but not everyone is convinced the sudden spike in value is legitimate.

Recently, a copy of Castlevania on Nintendo's 8-bit console sold for over $90,000, making it the most expensive video game ever sold on eBay.

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