A Bunch Of Sealed NES Games Just Sold For Utterly Insane Amounts On eBay 2
Image: Tom Curtin / minus_worlds

Update [Tue 9th Apr, 2024 11:10 BST]: A flurry of sealed NES titles have sold for high prices online recently, and the person who purchased a mint Castlevania has revealed the purchase was motivated by nostalgic reasons (thanks, GamesRadar).

In a post on Instagram, buyer Tom Curtin (minus_worlds) explains why he (and another childhood friend) stumped up $90,100 for the game – which is the most any video game has sold for on eBay:

The search is over after 23 years. I resigned to never being able to add this grail after years of searching. But, everything just came together for a childhood friend and I this week as we were able to obtain this absolute beauty. This was the first game my mom ever bought me. I still remember the phone call we made to buy it. It’s a core memory, as is this past week. Couple more plane rides to go but this beautiful first print hangtab Castlevania is almost home. Thanks to all for their support, especially @the1uppedcollection for her support throughout the week and for @grailmonster for his graciousness in defeat in our battle over this amazing, historical, piece.

Curtin mentions Grailmonster, the other high bidder in the action. Grailmonster posted their own message on Instagram, saying that Curtin "deserved it wayyy more than me" and claiming that the game could easily be sold for $250,000 if it was put up for sale again.

Original Story [Sun 7th Apr, 2024 20:05 BST]: A selection of sealed NES games has just sold for incredible prices on eBay, with one example – Castlevania – fetching more than $90,000.

The auctions were spotted by Digital Eclipse staffer Chris Kohler, who noted that the origin of the games appeared to be an estate sale in Dallas, Texas.

"So there was a minor happening in the collecting world over the last couple of weeks," Kohler says. "Seems like a couple people hit the jackpot at an estate sale in the Dallas area and came away with some unbelievable sealed games that sold for massive prices."

Castlevania sold for a staggering $90,100 – "literally the highest-priced game ever sold on eBay," says Kohler – while Kid Icarus went for an almost-as-high total of $81,988.36.

BurgerTime – which, according to Kohler, "is one of the hardest NES games to find sealed in its original hangtab printing" – sold for $11,377.

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