Super Mario Bros. 3 Mixed Reality
Image: Reddit/VR_Newbie

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play NES classics like Super Mario Bros. 3 in mixed reality? Well, wonder no more!

Recently, on Reddit, a user named VR_Newbie shared a brilliant clip of themselves playing the classic Mario title on their kitchen counter, as spotted by Dexerto. This is possible, according to VR_Newbie, thanks to a combination 3DSen VR (an emulator that creates 3D versions of your favourite NES games), and AR glasses.

As Dexerto notes, VR_Newbie didn't provide much more detail about how this was accomplished, but there are a range of tutorials from other users online (including this one from the YouTuber Patton) that explain the process in a little more depth if you want to try this out for yourself.

According to Patton's tutorial, achieving this AR effect requires users to have Virtual Desktop, SteamVR, and 3DSenVR, and uses a technique whereby players can set the skybox to "all black" and take advantage of the VR passthrough ability on a Quest headset to then erase most of the black from the scene.

This apparently has mixed results depending on the game (and is obviously limited by the number of game profiles that are currently available for 3DSen), but looks like a pretty novel way of reexperiencing the NES's library judging from the clip that VR_Newbie shared.

Would you be tempted to try this out? Let us know in the comments!

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