Game Boy Color OLED Mod Is The Ultimate Upgrade 1
Image: Joe Bleeps

Despite being a 'dead' console, the Game Boy range has been supported over the past few years by some incredible community-made upgrades and mods, many of which focus on improving the console's display.

We've now got what appears to be the ultimate upgrade in this regard – an OLED touchscreen for the Game Boy Color. This offers a dramatic improvement over the already excellent IPS panels we're used to seeing on modded Game Boy consoles.

This upgrade kit can be purchased from Zedlabz and costs just over £50.

The kit contains the all-important OLED laminated touch screen, which offers an OSD menu, four pixel modes and colour pallets. You also get the PCB, flex cable and wire. A pre-cut laminated shell is required, which is sold separately.

You'll need a soldering iron, solder and screwdrivers, and it is recommended that Kapton tape is used to isolate and secure the PCB.

Our pal Joe Bleeps has put together a handy tutorial video which explains how to install it.