Double Dragon Studio Wanted To Make A "Proper" Golden Axe Revival 1
Image: Secret Base

Sega is currently working on a new entry in the Golden Axe series, but we've just discovered that Secret Base - the firm behind Double Dragon Gaiden - intended to pitch a rather more traditional take on the series which would have adopted 2D, pixel-based visuals.

The studio commissioned Pixel Romi to create mock-up screens, and they look very tasty indeed:

The developer gives a little more information on how the game's magic system would have worked, as well as a proposed dismemberment mechanic:

Magic would be AOE (instead of full screen), but I imagine that the elements would play a big role, not only in terms of weakness, but using different elements against different monster might have different effect, giving opportunity to chop off different parts.

This isn't the first time Secret Base has expressed an interest in working with this IP; last year, it revealed a different mock-up for a new Golden Axe.

Since revealing the proposed pitch, Secret Base has received some replies on social media urging the studio to continue with the project but without the Golden Axe IP.

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