Image: Damien McFerrin / Time Extension

In the past, we've seen unofficial ports of Doom to the Sega Dreamcast, in the form of nxDoom and Doom for the DC, but the same cannot be said for its 1997 N64 sequel DOOM 64.

Fortunately, though, it looks like this is all about to change, as recently spotted by the Sega Guru, with a homebrew developer named jnmartin84 (best known for their work on porting OpenLara to the N64) revealing that they are hard at work porting the 64-bit title over to the Sega console, with the help of KallistiOS.

To accompany the announcement, jnmartin84 shared a 6-minute video previewing some of the progress that they have made so far (on real hardware no less) and it's fairly promising from what we can see, running at a pretty stable framerate.

Nevertheless, there seems to still be a mountain of work ahead of the developer, with the video also spotlighting its partially-finished HUD, various graphical issues, as well as the absence of any enemies, guns, or audio.

You can watch jnmartin84's full video below to take a closer look at the progress so far:

[source youtu.be, via twitter.com]