Doom 64
Image: Midway Games

Back in 2020, Nightdive rereleased Doom 64 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and Windows. As part of this, it added a bunch of new features, including a new bonus chapter called "The Lost Levels", which aimed to bridge the events of the classic Doom games with that of the more recent Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal.

Now, a group of hackers (including Erick194, Immorpher, JNMartin, and Sylandro) has got together to make it possible for N64 players to enjoy these bonus features too, releasing a new mod for the Midway title, called Doom 64: Complete Edition (thanks Destructoid!).

This not only adds the additional levels, green blood, and medikit sprite variants from the 2020 version of the game but also introduces a bunch of neat quality-of-life features too, such as the ability to save the game in the menu (the original game used a password system instead) and keep different controller bindings locked to individual game files.

Here is the main list of features, taken from

  • Includes the new levels introduced in the 2020 release (The Lost Levels episode, Panic fun level).
  • Option to turn off the three-point texture filter, or filter only skies.
  • Option to run automatically when using the D-Pad, or using the Run button to toggle running.
  • Option to toggle green blood from the Japanese version.
  • Option to toggle medikit, stimpak, and berserk sprites with a blue cross from the 2020 version.
  • Display secret-found messages, artifact-found messages, and regular messages at the same time, with different colors.
  • User configuration, including controller bindings, is now saved per saved game.
  • Adds an entry to the main and game menus to load saved games at any time. The password menu is now only used to enter passwords.
  • Restored the unused second medikit pickup message.
  • Default brightness is now 100%.
  • No demo desyncs.

You can download the patch here. There are two patches available. One that only includes the quality of life features (named doom64-stripped.bps), and another which includes the lost levels, green blood, and alternative medikit sprites (which is called doom64.bps). You'll need a copy of Nightdive's rerelease to get the later version up and running. You'll find all the instructions you need at this link. Are you going to check it out? Let us know in the comments!

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