Sonic Triple Trouble
Image: Sega

Just last week, we reported that Noah N. Copeland, the talented director behind the excellent Sonic fangame Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit, had stepped down from working on a reimagining of Sonic Drift to focus on creating games based on their own original characters.

Well, it seems that, now, Copeland has announced a little bit more about these exciting plans, unveiling the name of his new indie games studio, along with a new website and a general description of the latest project he is working on.

On the studio's website, Copeland revealed that the new developer — which is located in Austin, Texas — will be called Sundio Games and that its mission statement is to create "create fun, action-packed games with pixel art and retro flare". It also claims that it is currently working on "a 2D-pixel art platformer with an emphasis on combat, traversal, and characters", with a silhouette of one of these characters featuring prominently on the website holding a sword.

Copeland hasn't revealed exactly what type of species this character is yet (if it is indeed actually based on a real animal and not something wholly fictional), but we've collected guesses so far, including everything from a pangolin to a porcupine to an armadillo.

Sundio Games Tease
Get your guesses in now! — Image: Sundio Games

Sadly, that seems to be all the news on the studio we have for now, but if you want to keep up to date with any announcements, you can follow the studio on Twitter and Instagram. We'll also do our best to cover any important news about the studio as it gets announced.

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