English Rockers Static Dress Have Created A Game Boy Color Game 1
Image: Static Dress

English rock band Static Dress is about to release a Game Boy Color game based on its 2022 debut album, Rouge Carpet Disaster.

Rouge Carpet Disaster: The Video Game will launch on March 7th, bringing to an end "around three years of work" according to the band's lead singer, Olli Appleyard (thanks, Kerrang).

The game will feature multiple levels and serves as a "fully playable final exploration of the complex visual lore" of the 2022 album.

Apparently, it leaves "no question unanswered", which should be exciting for fans of the Leeds-based outfit, which consists of Appleyard Sam Ogden, George Holding, and the anonymous masked guitarist Contrast.

Formed in 2018, Static Dress has released three EPs alongside Rouge Carpet Disaster. In 2021, the band won the Kerrang Readers' Poll for 'New Band Of The Year'.

[source kerrang.com]