Random: Whose Eyes Are Those In Daytona USA? 1
Image: Sega

There are some gaming mysteries that simply defy explanation – cryptic puzzles which, despite the inexorable passage of time, steadfastly refuse to be answered.

We're not saying this particular example is one of those, but a recent post on Twitter (sorry, Elon) got us thinking – are those really the eyes of former F1 champion Damon Hill on the billboard in Daytona USA?

It certainly seems like a solid match, and, as many have pointed out on social media, Hill and Sega had prior form with one another back in the early '90s, as the Japanese giant sponsored the Williams team Hill raced for.

However, Time Extension contributor and all-round tall bloke Ashley Day has thrown something of a spanner in the works:

We have to admit, the resemblance between the billboard and McFarlane's 'Blue Steel' stare is uncanny – could an artist at Sega felt compelled to use his likeness after being ensnared by the comic book creator's macho posturing? If that was indeed the case, then we certainly don't blame them.

Let us know if you think those eyes belong to anyone famous by posting a comment below.

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