Mega Man Battle Network
Image: Capcom

Last December, RockmanCosmo, the leader of the feature phone preservationist group SciLabSecrets, announced that the team had successfully managed to preserve full copies of the incredibly rare Japan-exclusive Mega Man games Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network and Legend of Network.

These were two mobile titles released for i-mode-compatible phones that were part of the Mega Man Battle Network tactical RPG subseries and were largely thought to be trapped on aging hardware. However, they have now been successfully retrieved, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Cosmo and his team, allowing more people to take a closer look at these obscure entries.

One of the drawbacks is that the game is currently only available in its original Japanese, but recently a team of hackers and translators has revealed its intention to finally translate these games into English, with the patch being a collaboration between Prof. 9, Midori Woodley, MidniteW, and MegaRockEXE.

The group is planning to tackle Phantom of Network first (which was the first of these two games released for i-mode phones during the 2000s), followed by Legacy of Network. The patches will be made available publicly, though sourcing a copy of the game online may require a bit of creativity on your part (for obvious reasons).

You can follow the project's progress on the Rockman.EXE Zone forums. We'll also try to keep you updated should we hear of any exciting new updates.