Yesterday, the video game publisher Limited Run Games revealed at IGN FanFest that it is planning to bring the rare and highly sought-after Game Boy Advance title Ninja Five-O (otherwise known as Ninja Cop) to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5.

The game was originally developed by Hudson Soft and published by Konami and was released in 2003. It focuses on a ninja cop named Joe Osugi, who must stop a terrorist gang who have come into possession of the Mad Masks — a collection of ancient artifacts that grant the users mystical powers.

Loose copies of the game currently go for hundreds of dollars secondhand, with CIB versions fetching significantly more on sites like eBay.

Limited Run Games is planning on releasing physical and digital versions of the game and it is set to be powered by the company's Carbon Engine. The company has released a trailer featuring some footage of the game, but not a lot else is known beyond that.

It joins the recently announced Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight Adventures reissues as part of Konami's slate of upcoming Limited Run Games' rereleases