GBA Prototype
Image: Hard4Games

Spaceworld 2000 was a pivotal moment in Nintendo's history, featuring the first unveiling of the Nintendo GameCube, as well as a closer look at the Game Boy Advance prototype, and showcases of some of the last games expected to hit the N64.

So, it comes as no surprise then that preservationists have put a ton of time and energy into tracking down archival footage of the event, in the hopes of capturing as much of this historic showcase as possible.

Last June, we brought you the news that the Ziff Davis vice-president Adam Doree had published over an hour of his own footage from the event, including impressive looks at some of the famous early tech demos that were shown off for the GameCube before release. And now, it seems that we have even more footage of the event to go over, with the YouTuber Hard4Games recently going to the effort of tracking down and uploading rare footage of the event taken from Gpara DVD Magazine V10 — a DVD format Japanese games magazine.

The video is roughly 6 and a half minutes in length and notably shows several close-ups of early GBA prototypes that featured different colour combinations, including clear purple with orange buttons, transparent with blue buttons, solid silver with orange buttons, and solid silver with blue buttons.

Ultimate War
Image: Hard4Games

In addition to that, it also includes a brief look at the booth for the cancelled N64 game Gendai Dai-Senryaku: Ultimate War (more screenshots can be found here). This was a game from the Japanese developer Seta that was shown off a year prior to this event at Spaceworld 1999 as a planned title for the 64DD add-on.

It was one of a small number of titles set to take advantage of the N64 add-on's Randnet network to enable online multiplayer for up to four players but was eventually downscaled to a standard N64 cart as of Spaceworld 2000 with the network features being removed from the game entirely.

Ultimately, it was never finished, with these rare glimpses of the title being all that seemingly remains of the project to our knowledge.

You can watch the full video below: