Wind's Seed
Image: Compile

A fan translation has just been released for a small PC-98 RPG from the Puyo Puyo developer Compile.

Wind's Seed, in case you've never heard of it (and we wouldn't blame you), is a short 2-hr RPG released for the PC-9801 in 1995 and was distributed in Vol. 07 of Disc Station Magazine — a series of disk-based magazines that the developer published throughout the '80s and '90s that came packed with Japan-exclusive software for a bunch of platforms like the MSX, PC-98, and Windows 95.

From what we've been able to gather from sources like MobyGames, it follows the story of a sister and brother, named Meena and Otto, who possess the unique ability to cast magical spells. At the beginning of the game, they arrive in a small village during the harvest season but soon find themselves confronted by a range of hostile forces — both human and non-human — leading them to rely on their powers to survive.

The patch is the work of the hacker Chordbug and has been tested to work on real hardware. You can download the patch here.