Cosmic Fantasy Collection
Image: Edia

Update [Fri 26th Jan, 2024 12:15 GMT]: Without warning, the digital version of Edia's Cosmic Fantasy Collection was made available to buy on the Nintendo Switch eShop yesterday (thanks gosokkyu!).

So if you've been meaning to try out the classic PC Engine games and don't fancy waiting for the physical release from Limited Run Games, you can now pick them up digitally. The digital version will cost $49.99/€45.00/£40.49 depending on your region.

Original Story [Wed 10th Jan, 2024 12:00 GMT]: Limited Run Games revealed on Twitter yesterday that it will be bringing out a physical version of the Cosmic Fantasy Collection for Nintendo Switch in the future, with pre-orders opening this Friday, January 12th.

In case you've never heard of it, Cosmic Fantasy is a series of four RPG games that were developed by Lasersoft and published by Nippon Telenet and were all originally released for the PC-Engine CD-ROM² in Japan.

Out of all of these titles, only one game in the series Cosmic Fantasy 2 ever made it to the West during its heyday, with the North American company Working Designs localizing it for a 1992 release on the TurboGrafx-CD.

Now, though, it appears that fans will be able to purchase the first two games in the series in English on the Nintendo Switch, with Limited Run Games partnering with Edia to release its 2022 Japan-exclusive compilation in the West for the first time with an all-new localization.

The new Limited Run Games release will be available in both a standard ($44.99) and a deluxe edition ($89.99), and is also accompanied on the store by a copy of both game's soundtracks on a single 2LP Vinyl ($39.99). All of these will be available to pre-order until February 11th.

You can take a closer look at the Deluxe Edition and Collector's Vinyl in the images below:

Cosmic Fantasy Collection Deluxe Edition
Image: Limited Run Games
Cosmic Fantasy Collection Vinyl
Image: Limited Run Games

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