Jewel BEM Hunter Lime English
Image: Silence/BabaJeanmel

A team of hackers has just released a translation of all 12 episodes of the PC-98 version of Jewel BEM Hunter Lime into English (as spotted by Game Vecanti!)

Originally released between 1993-1994, Jewel Hunter Lime is a series of 12 short episodic adventure games from the Japanese developer Silence about two demons, called Lime & Bass, who are on a quest to recover six magical stolen jewels. It was originally released for Japanese home computers like the PC-98, FM Towns, and Sharp X68000, with console ports for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn following soon after, in addition to an animated TV show.

The translation (which came out earlier this month) is the work of BabaJeanmel (translation, graphics edits), with Alpharobo (hacking), Kirinn B (graphics hacking), ShintoCetral (playtesting, proofreading), and ValleyBell (playtesting, proofreading) all contributing to the project in different ways.

According to the project's website, it took eight months in total to finish and came about after BabaJeanmel was playing the game casually to "mine" its vocabulary. If you want to give it a go, you can grab the patch file now from GBAtemp.

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