Image: Compile

As spotted by Gosokkyu on Twitter, the Korean company Viccom & Japanese publisher D4 Enterprise has started preselling new cartridges of Compile's vertical shoot 'em up Zanac for the MSX in Japan and Korea, with a European and North American reissue also being planned for the future.

Compile (perhaps best known for its work on the Puyo Puyo series) originally released the Xevious-like shooter for the MSX computer and Nintendo Famicom/NES in 1986. It saw players piloting an aircraft called the AFX-6502 Zanac, on a mission to stop a powerful alien device known as the System, and also notably featured an AI that would tune the difficulty of the game based on the player's behaviour.

The Famicom and NES version was later re-released in a compilation called Zanac X Zanac on the PlayStation in 2001, which also included a new remake called Zanac Neo. Zanac has also subsequently appeared on various mobile phones, as well as the Nintendo Switch (via G-Mode Archives).

Earlier this month, on August 18th, Viccom revealed that it had obtained the necessary rights to reissue the game on an MSX cartridge, inside a Korean press release. In the statement, it announced that it had partnered with D4 Enterprise in order to distribute the game in Japan and that it is also currently preparing a release in both Europe and North America too. According to the store pages, these reissues will feature three types of packaging (English, Korean, and Japanese), reproductions of the game's manual (in all three languages), a reproduction ROM cartridge, and a limited-edition Zanac card.

Viccom is currently accepting preorders for the game for a discounted rate of 149,800₩ (roughly $112/£88), while D4 Enterprise's AC-Hall is charging ¥19,747 (about $135/£106). Both of these are expected to ship in December. We'll try and keep you updated should we hear anything else about its planned Western release.