Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked Collection
Image: Konami

Update [Fri 19th Jan, 2024 16:15 GMT]: Limited Run Games has just released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked Collection over on Twitter.

The roughly 1-minute-long trailer contains our first look at the new animated intro from Studio Meala as well as a quick glimpse at the various games and bonus features that will be included in the collection. This includes the boss rush mode, Boost mode, museum, and music player.

Pre-orders for the physical versions of the game are available now on Limited Run Games' website.

Original Story [Fri 12th Jan, 2024 10:00 GMT]: Konami and Limited Run Games have announced that they will be bringing out two new retro collections featuring games based on the Rocket Knight Adventures and Felix the Cat Series.

Both collections will be brought to life using Limited Run Games' Carbon Engine and will be available both digitally and physically.

Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked Collection will include three games starring Konami's opossum knight character Sparkster. These include the 1993 Mega Drive / Genesis title Rocket Knight Adventures, its 1994 sequel Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, and the 1994 SNES-exclusive spin-off Sparkster. It will be released on PS4, PS5, Switch & PC, and will include a new animated intro, a boss rush mode, the ability to rewind time to tackle tricky sections, and more.

The Felix the Cat Bundle, meanwhile, contains Hudson Soft's 1992 NES and 1993 Game Boy titles based on the popular animated character (for those unaware, Hudson Soft merged with Konami in 2012). It will be released on PS4, PS5, and Switch, and will contain new quality-of-life enhancements like save states.

You will be able to pre-order physical versions of Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked from 19th January until 18th February 2024 and can have a look at what's included in this package on Limited Run Games' website. Pre-orders for the Felix the Cat bundle, on the other hand, are launching on February 9th and will last until March 10th.

Both feature a bunch of additional goodies, with the Rocket Knight Adventures Collection, for instance, containing Fleetway's "Last of the Rocket Knights" comic book, which was included in the UK's Sonic the Comic.

Konami is also teasing another Carbon Engine Collection announcement for February 24th, so get your guesses in now for what you think it might be.