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Back when Konami created its Simpsons arcade machine in 1991, Matt Groening's gleefully dysfunctional cartoon family was only just getting started when it came to global superstardom.

While The Simpsons was arguably a cultural smash hit right out of the gate, Groening had some pretty wild ideas that he wanted to deploy – including one which would serve as a direct reference to Life In Hell, his long-running comic strip series which was focused around a family of talking rabbits.

As noted by Cracked, when Marge Simpson is electrocuted in the Konami arcade game, it is revealed that her famously large beehive hairdo is hiding a pair of rabbit ears. This was because Groening wanted to reveal in the final episode of The Simpsons that she was hiding the ears in her oversized hair.

Marge Rabbit Ears
Image: Adam Norwood

It's said that Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon wasn't in favour of the odd twist, and, as it happens, the show never had a 'final' episode – in fact, it's still going strong even today, with 2023 marking the 35th season of the show.

While Groening didn't get the chance to pull off this stunt in the show itself, it still exists within Konami's coin-op – an amazing reference to a storyline that never happened, preserved in time.