My Dinner With Andre Simpsons
Image: 20th Century Fox

It's finally happened. Following in the footsteps of other Simpsons' fangames like Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge and Kevin Costner's Waterworld, My Dinner With André is now finally playable after decades of simply being a cutaway gag.

The game appears in Season 5, Episode 8 in 'Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood', with Bart's classmate Martin Prince playing the video game adaptation of Louis Malle's 1981 film in Springfield's Noiseland Arcade.

Now the independent game designer GumpyFunction has finally transformed it into a proper game, featuring multiple topics that you can select by choosing from the following commands: Tell Me More, Trenchant Insight, and Bon Mot.

Rather than following an ex-Theatre director as in the source material, Wallace Shawn's character is recast here as an ex-AAA developer who has left that world to pursue the hardships of indie development and voice acting. André Gregory, meanwhile, is his friend and former colleague who left the games industry entirely, after working at an abusive developer. The game is presented as a Game Boy title with four different palettes, as opposed to an arcade release.

If you want to check out the game for yourself, it's available to download from You can also play it in-browser.

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