Neo Turf Masters is one of the greatest golf video games of all time, so, as you can imagine, we're pretty pleased to see it mashed up with The Simpsons in the rib-tickling video above (thanks for the tip, Alex Olney).

Created by Steamed Sam – who should really have a bigger following – the video takes a golf-flavoured scene from the hit cartoon sitcom and overlays assets and sounds from the Neo Geo classic. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

Of course, golf, video games and The Simpsons have collided before, with a segment involving the (fictional) Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge being turned into a full game. While we're on the topic, perhaps you might also want to check out Nintendo Life's guide to the best Simpsons video games?

Steamed Sam has also fused video games with The Simpsons in other videos, including Street Fighter II, Catherine and LA Noire.