Sega CD JRPG Vay Is Getting An Improved iPhone Port This Year 1
Image: SIMS

Published in 1993 for the Sega CD, Vay was one of the few JRPGs for the console to get a Western localisation, and, as a result, it has become something of a cult classic with Sega fans (ourselves included).

Developed by Hertz and published by SIMS in Japan, it would be localised by Working Designs for the North American market. In 2008, it was ported to the Apple iPhone by SoMoGa – and the company has just revealed to us that it will be releasing "a brand new, completely rewritten port" later this year.

It will showcase a "refreshed user interface, seamlessly looping music, Bluetooth controller support, tons of quality-of-life improvements, and more," according to the company, which adds that it will be releasing more details over the next few months.

SoMoGa has just released Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch on iOS, AppleTV, Android, and Amazon Fire tablets.