Polymega GC01
Image: Polymega

Polymega maker Playmaji has published an update on the status of its products following complaints from people who have had pre-orders in place for months, if not years.

According to the company, the EM01 Power Element Module Set, EM02 Super Element Module Set, EM03 Mega Element Module Set, EM04 Turbo Element Module Set, EM05 Ultra Element Module Set, RC05 Ultra Retro Controller and WC02 Universal Wireless Controller are all in stock and ship within 3-5 days.

As for outstanding orders, those placed before November 2023 which have not already shipped are now the primary focus. These shipments will continue throughout March but will include new Base Unit orders placed in 2024. Playmaji expects RC-Series controllers to be back in stock in March, too.

The other piece of news is that the highly anticipated GC01 light gun controller has been delayed until Q2 of 2024 so it can be "revised for additional compatibility with Polymega App and Remix." As for those two elements, it would be wise to expect them to launch around the same time.

Polymega's N64 module launched recently, along with a system update that brought with it some unwelcome surprises – such as Neo Geo games running oddly and games going missing. Both of these issues will be fixed in the next system update, Playmaji says.

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