Face Off
Image: Namco

Namco's 1988 ice hockey game Face Off is heading to Nintendo Switch and PS4 as part of Hamster's ongoing series of arcade reissues (thanks Famitsu!).

The game will be released digitally on Thursday, February 8th in Japan, with the title expected to hit Western storefronts shortly after.

In case you've never heard of it, Face Off is a sports game that sees players picking from one of eight national teams (Russia, USA, Canada, Finland, France, Sweden, Japan, Czech Republic) to compete in a solo tournament or a 2-player versus mode (4-player was also possible through linking multiple cabinets together).

It is played from a top-down perspective and uses the System 1 arcade board. It also had the feature to select between 3-person and 5-person teams.

The game was previously rereleased on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan in 2009. But as far as we're aware, it has never been widely available outside of Japan. So this is definitely one to pick up if you're a fan of the obscure.

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