Cosmo Gang the Puzzle
Image: Namco

Hamster has revealed that this week's Arcade Archives will be Namco's falling-block puzzle game Cosmo Gang The Puzzle. It will be coming to both the Nintendo Switch eShop and PS4 on January 11th (as reported by Famitsu).

Cosmo Gang The Puzzle is the third entry in Namco's Cosmo Gang series, following the original electro-mechanical redemption game Cosmo Gang game from 1990 and the fixed-arcade shooter Cosmo Gang The Video in 1992. It was released in the arcades the same year as Cosmo Gang The Video and was later ported to the Super Famicom in 1993 (the SFC version of the game would later be adapted into the Pac-Man-themed title released as Pac-Attack or Pac-Panic depending on the region).

In the game, players drop boxes and aliens called Jammers on a board with the goal being to clear the lines before they have the chance to reach the top. To clear the boxes, players must match six of them horizontally across the board, while Jammers can either be cleared by placing blue-coloured spheres near or on top of them or by using a star power-up to clear all of the preceding rows.

The arcade and Super Nintendo versions of the game have been reissued in Japan in the past, but to our knowledge, it has never been released on home consoles in the West in its original form.

You can watch a short gameplay video below:

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