Intellivision Amico
Image: Intellivision

Intellivision CEO Phil Adam has issued a Valentine's Day update on the troubled Amico console, and it makes for pretty depressing reading if you're one of the many people who pre-ordered the device all those years ago.

Rather than give any update on the progress of the Amico, Adam instead talks about Intellivision launching games on the Amazon App Store, bringing the Amico Home app to other platforms (such as Android TV) and compatibility between the Amico controller and Amico Home:

We continue working to make our Bluetooth hardware Amico Controller compatible with Amico Home on Android devices. We have made significant progress in recent weeks. We hope to provide a working demonstration in the near future. Compatibility with Amico Home is the first step in our plan to manufacture Amico controllers. Our goal is to sell Amico controllers this Christmas season for use with Amico Home.

That's right – a staggering four years after the system was offered for pre-order, Intellivision is focusing on making sure its controllers work with your smartphone.

Intellivision has already admitted that it lacks the funds to produce the hardware, and is looking to smartphone apps to raise the money required. It has already allowed Amico exclusives to launch on other systems in order to generate cash.

Mico, Amico's mascot — Image: Intellivision

So, in summary, there's still no news on when people can expect to receive their Amico consoles, but Adam does reveal that the company has given its mascot a name:

You’ve seen our Amico mascot on the title graphic of our updates. Our little friend first appeared inside the Amico console packaging with a speech bubble declaring “I’m Amico!”. To avoid ambiguity with the console, we’ve settled on the nickname “Mico” for this little character who embodies the friendly spirit of Amico.

For this Valentine’s day holiday, we are offering a new limited-edition design that shares Mico’s love for the world. It is available on mugs (white and black) and on his and her style T-shirts in our merchandise shop until the end of February. Don’t miss out!

Thank you to all of you who have been sharing your love of Amico with friends and family through Amico Home! Thank you also to those standing by for Amico Home on iOS or for the Amico console. Wherever you are on your Amico journey, we appreciate your support, and we wish all of you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day!

We're sure that's the news everyone wanted to hear.