Etoile Princesse
Image: Exact

Update [Thu 25th Jan, 2024 09:45 GMT]: The Exact Perfection Collection is out today in Japan.

If you've managed to get your hands on a copy, you'll need to download the ver.1.5.1 update that was released yesterday for the main X68000 Z unit before you start playing. This is an update that aims to improve ADPCM processing and sprite processing, among other things.

You'll need to be registered as a Z-Club member to access the update file.

Original Story [Wed 15th Nov, 2023 14:05 GMT]: The X68000 Z version of the Exact Perfection Collection has now got a proper release date and a price.

The compilation of games from the Japanese developer Exact will be released on January 25th, 2024 on Beep's website, Amazon Japan, and other retailers and will cost ¥12,100 (thanks GamerNeJp!).

It will contain four classic Exact titles that were previously released for the X68000 between 1990-1994, including the sidescrolling shmup Naious (1990), the 2D mecha game Aquales (1991), the top-down RPG Etoile Princesse (1993), and the proto-Jumping Flash-like game Geograph Seal (1994).

The four games were reissued for the original X68000 earlier this year in Japan, with the X68000 Z manufacturer ZUIKI later announcing in June 2023 as part of a special livestream that they would also be arriving for both Windows and X68000 Z. The Windows version is slated to release this Winter and is available to pre-order now on AC-Mall, while a store page for the X68000 Z version appears scheduled to go live later this month.

All four games will apparently be enhanced for the X68000 Z, though we're not entirely sure what these enhancements will be just yet.

As a result, we'll try and keep you up to date as more information becomes available, but for now, you can check out our review of the X68000 Z to find out more about what we made of the miniature console itself.

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