Back in April 2021, Japanese studio PlatinumGames released World of Demons via Apple Arcade, an action title with gorgeous visuals.

It now looks as if the game will join the long list of digital titles no longer legally available, as PlatinumGames has revealed that World of Demons will be removed from Apple Arcade on January 21st (thanks, Eurogamer).

Furthermore, the company has stated that, even if you've downloaded the game, it will cease to be playable after February 1st, 2024.

Of course, there's a chance that World of Demons might be released on another platform, as has happened with other Apple Arcade exclusives. However, PlatinumGames has yet to confirm this.

Our friends over at Eurogamer have contacted PlatinumGames for comment, and we'll update this piece if anything is revealed.

If it doesn't come to other formats, World of Demons will become another digital gaming casualty.