Song of Morus - Gala of Battle
Image: SunnyChowTheGuy

Ah, the Game Boy Printer – how we miss thee.

One of the many leftfield accessories Nintendo has released during its history, this portable thermal printer allowed users to print off snaps they'd taken with the equally awesome Game Boy Camera – something which seems impossibly twee today, given tha we all have professional-standard cameras attached to our smartphones.

If you've still got one of these devices lying around, then you may have to dust it off, as a new homebrew Game Boy game makes use of it.

SunnyChow's Song of Morus - Gala of Battle is described as "a Hong Kong-themed bossfight shooting game, about a young Taoist Priestess fighting hostile spiritual creatures and evil magic users."

Available in early access for $3.99, it's playable on Game Boy hardware, and the developer adds that players should "imagine it's a flappy bird game with auto shoot mechanic."

The really cool part is that there will be 12 unlockable bookmarks to obtain in the game, and these can be printed using the Game Boy Printer.

If you fancy checking this out, drop by the game's page.