Dungeonette The New Adventure
Image: Mutation Software

Adrian Cummings, the developer behind the Commodore Amiga titles Cyberpunks, Cyberpunks 2, and Castle Kingdoms, yesterday announced on the English Amiga Board website that he is working on a new hack and slash dungeon crawler called Dungeonette - The New Adventure for the Commodore Amiga and Amiga CD32 (as spotted via IndieRetroNews!).

According to the developer's post, the game entered development shortly after work on Cyberpunks 2 (which was released last year) ended, and has been a bit of "a slow burner". He claims he is currently two-thirds of the way through mapping the title, which he states is going to be "pretty big" and set in the fictional lands of 'Amigea'.

To accompany the announcement, Cummings has shared nine images of some work-in-progress colour tests for the project to get Amiga fans excited, showing 16 different locations including forests, crypts, and ruins.

Dungeonette The New Adventure
Image: Mutation Software

Here is a description of the project taken from the forum thread:

"It will run on stock Amiga AGA and CD32 with 2Mb ChipRAM and of course Amiga 500 Mini etc.

It is a hybrid of many games in reality and has some roots in Diablo for sure but also many others.

Just for the record... Originally the basic game was written for Apple Watch many years back and then also a version was released for Spectrum Next back in 2017/18. This version is all new just for Amiga however and only resembles those previous titles in name only."

Beyond what we've been able to highlight above, sadly there isn't much more to go on at the moment about the actual content of the game, but Cummings has made a listing for both the Amiga and the CD32 on his website.

This appears to suggest that the game will be released as a digital download and a physical box for the CD32, while the Amiga will have a big box, a standard box, a digital download, and a free demo published on the site. We'll keep you posted once actual footage of the game is available.

[source eab.abime.net, via indieretronews.com]