AYANEO's Remake range takes inspiration from classic gaming systems, one of which is the Nintendo DS.

The FLIP DS will offer a second touch screen, very much like Nintendo's best-selling portable, and AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang has been speaking a little about what kind of functionality it will bring to the table.

"AYANEO FLIP DS is the first flip dual-screen Windows handheld with a 3.5″ multi-functional touchscreen secondary screen that serves as a native extension screen," he tells Siliconera. "Users can choose the display mode in the system settings, and the logic is similar to connecting two displays to a computer, allowing users to drag programs back and forth between the primary and secondary screens."

Zhang explains that the company will look into ways of using the screen for "convenient" features, very much as a PC user would use a second display:

We will also develop convenient features for it through the AYASpace software, such as frequently used settings, quick settings, and FPS Thunder game overlay tools, which can be easily accessed by tapping on the secondary screen. For example, gamers can view real-time data such as FPS on the secondary screen while playing games. Additionally, we plan to add custom application functionality, allowing players to play games on the primary screen while watching guides or videos on the secondary screen.

Of course, the most obvious use of that second touchscreen display will be replicating the Nintendo DS experience as faithfully as possible via emulation – that's certainly the reason we're so excited about getting our hands on one.

[source siliconera.com]