8BitDo Ultimate 2.4G
Image: 8BitDo

We reviewed the superb 8BitDo 2.4G Ultimate Controller a while back and found it to be one of the best options on the market if you're looking for a low-latency pad for your gaming systems (which includes Switch, although 8BitDo doesn't do a good job of advertising that fact).

The company has now announced that it has made this pad even better by including drift-free Hall Effect sticks – and it has also released a new colour option, purple. As Prince fans, this is excellent news for us.

  • Compatible with PC, Android, Steam Deck & Apple (Officially supported by Apple)
  • Multifunctional Charging Dock
  • Ultimate Software on PC
  • Mode switch button (X-input, D-input), 2 Pro back paddle buttons & Custom Profile Switch button, 3 profiles to switch on the fly
  • 2.4G adapter, rumble vibration, USB-C, 15 hours rechargeable battery

The addition of Hall Effect sticks makes an already amazing pad even better – and well worth a look if you're after a solid, reliable controller which works across multiple formats.

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