Sonic Drift
Image: Sega

Noah N. Copeland, the lead director of the excellent 16-bit fan reimagining of Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, has just announced that he and a small team of developers are busy working on a free Mega Drive / Genesis-style tribute to the Sonic Drift series. And better yet, there's a demo available now for you to try out.

Sonic Drift was a Super Mario Kart-style racer, featuring Sonic characters, that was originally released exclusively in Japan back in 1994. It later spawned an internationally-released sequel Sonic Drift 2 in 1995 (known in Europe as Sonic Drift Racing) and has gone on to appear in a bunch of compilations, including most recently, Sonic Origins Plus.

The reimagining for PC will feature revamped versions of courses from both games, the full character list from Sonic Drift 2, new items, and a dynamic soundtrack.

Here is a description of the project from its developers:

"Get ready to race with Sonic Drift 16-bit, the electrifying Genesis-style kart racer brought to you by the creators of Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit! This bold Game Gear reimagining speeds its way into the spotlight at Christmas SAGE 2023, delivering an exhilarating "best-of" the Sonic Drift series in a vibrant, revamped form!"

If you want to give the demo a try, you can grab it now from GameJolt.

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