Image: Polymega

The latest Polymega system update has revealed that arcade games are coming to the modular console via its digital game store, known as the Polymega Game Shop.

A digital offering of some form has been on the cards since before the Polymega launched, but this is the first confirmation that coin-op games will be included.

As part of update v1.1.30's patch notes, it is noted that "you can play games in vertical orientation (aka; Tate mode) if you have a display which can rotate. Perfect for shooters and other Arcade games forthcoming on the Polymega Game Shop."

Polymega already has a huge internal database of games for systems like the SNES, PlayStation, N64 and Saturn, so adding arcade games to that wouldn't be a massive issue. However, first Polymega maker Playmaji has to actually aunch the digital store – as well as get pre-ordered base units into the hands of customers who paid for them months (if not years) ago.