Image: The Pokémon Company

The 1990s were famous for their edgy commercials, with Sega blazing a trailer at the start of the decade before its rivals got in on the action, too.

Even the once squeaky-clean Nintendo itself wasn't immune, as the following print advertisement for Pokémon Red & Blue proves.

"Collect 'em. Train 'em. Trade 'em. Watch 'em spit-roast your best friend," reads the slogan, leading us to believe that whoever wrote the text (and whoever at Nintendo proofread it) wasn't aware of the slightly less family-friendly meaning of a 'spit-roast'.

The advertisement appears to have been produced in collaboration with Target, as the store's limited edition purchase bonus is mentioned.

It's remarkable to think that Nintendo would have signed off on such an ad, but then again, this was the '90s.

If you look closely, there's a disclaimer on the page which reads:

This is a colour illustration, not an actual game screen. We know you knew that, but this line makes our lawyers feel better.

So edgy, dude.

[source twitter.com]