Image: Taito

M2's enhanced Mega Drive port of the Taito shoot 'em up Darius has just dropped on the Nintendo Switch eShop & PlayStation store in Japan pretty much out of nowhere.

If you remember correctly, the first Darius game wasn't originally released for the Sega Mega Drive. However, back in 2019, M2 (the company behind the emulation software for the Sega Mega Drive Mini) developed a brand new port of the game as a bonus for those who bought the mini console. It then released an enhanced version of this port separately as a special 16-bit Mega Drive cart in 2021 featuring updated and improved audio and three different modes to choose from: Old, New, and Extra. It is this later version of the game that is now available on both PS4 & Nintendo Switch.

The game is currently being sold on both platforms for ¥660. Sadly, there's currently no information on whether the port will also be released on Western storefronts, but we'll let you know should it end up appearing.

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