Embracer Games Archive
Image: Embracer Games Archive

The Embracer Games Archive announced today in a blog post that it has hit a significant new milestone in its preservation efforts, having successfully registered its 10,000th game in its database.

Embracer revealed the existence of the Games Archive group back in May 2022 and has since spent over $2 million putting together an impressive collection of over 70,000 estimated games inside its 16,000-square-foot industrial warehouse. But now, as revealed in this latest blog post, it seems to finally be making some serious headway in regards to cataloguing all of that, finishing the framework for its database earlier this Spring, and getting to work on entering those games into its system.

This will not only help Embracer to know what items are missing from their collection to source further additions but will also (in the future) hopefully provide gamers, historians, and journalists with the ability to look through a list of the items in the archive and see what's there.

It's a promising update and will likely be just one of the ways in which the archive becomes more open and accessible to the public in the years to come, with the company also having expressed in the past its intention to network and collaborate "with initiatives, museums, and institutions".

In case you're wondering what the 10,000th game was, Embracer revealed that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Gold Edition for the Xbox One was the game in question. Not exactly the most retro of titles, but we're glad that it's there nonetheless!

[source embracergamesarchive.com, via twitter.com]