Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja
Image: Data East

FPGA developer Jotego has just released a new OpenFPGA core as part of his Patreon.

The 'JTNINJA' core makes Data East's legendary Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja playable on the Analogue Pocket, alongside fellow Data East arcade title Heavy Barrel.

The core is currently in beta and only available to those who support Jotego's Patreon. The core is already available on MiSTer.

Elsewhere, Jotego notes that work is progressing on the Namco System 1 core, which will support Splatterhouse and PacMania. The release is targeted for Halloween.

Jotego also revealed that he and his team have completed the schematics extraction for Konami’s coin-op take on the French comic book hero Asterix, so expect to see that soon, too.

Finally, it has been confirmed that Jotego's core for the Capcom arcade title Black Tiger has been promoted to a public release, and is therefore available for download even if you don't support his Patreon.