Analogue Pocket Game & Watch
Image: Adam Gastineau

Ever since Analogue updated its Pocket handheld to support OpenFPGA cores from the community, we've seen a host of systems become playable on the device.

One of the most prolific developers has been Adam Gastineau, who has contributed OpenFPGA cores for the NES, SNES, PC Engine, WonderSwan and even the Tamagotchi range of virtual pets.

Gastineau's most recent core adds support for Nintendo's Game & Watch series – but he's announced that this will be his final contribution to the OpenFPGA project for the foreseeable future, pointing out that it's taking up far too much of his time.

While Gastineau has been accepting donations to fund his work, it's clear that it's not enough to cover his time – and, when you take into account that these developers still have to earn a living to support themselves and their families, you can't begrudge someone as hard-working as Gastineau for taking some time out.

If you've ever downloaded one of his cores, we'd urge you to drop him some coins here. Without his input, the Analogue Pocket OpenFPGA world would be significantly poorer, that's for sure.