Analogue 3D
Image: Analogue

Analogue's next console will be an FPGA "reimagining" of the Nintendo 64, it has been revealed.

Like the company's other products – such as the Super Nt and Mega Sg – the Analogue 3D will run physical cartridges and will boast 100% compatibility across the console's entire regional library.

Powered by FPGA and Analogue's own custom OS, the system has taken three years to create and will offer 4K output over HDMI. It will ship with a series of "Original Display Modes" that will accurately replicate the look of a CRT or PVM on your modern-day flatscreen television.

The company is also releasing a wireless controller for the Analogue 3D in collaboration with 8BitDo. However, you'll be able to use your original N64 pads thanks to the inclusion of four controller ports. The Analogue 3D will also offer Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connectivity with other controllers.

Outside of a teaser image for the aforementioned controller, no images of the Analogue 3D itself have been released so far.

Analogue has noted that unlike its portable stablemate, the Analogue Pocket, the Analogue 3D will not support the company's OpenFPGA platform, so don't expect to see a flood of different community-made cores for the system. It has also said that ROM files will not be playable on the system, as the focus is on physical media.

The Analogue 3D launches next year.