A few years back the illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham (also known as @400facts) created some joke packaging and a logo design for a fictional game called Frasier Fantasy.

The gag was simple, but effective, based on getting people to wonder what it would be like for someone to take the hit NBC show about a haughty radio psychotherapist and mix it with all the tropes and conventions of a traditional Japanese RPG like Final Fantasy. The only negative was that there was no actual game to go along with the artwork, with Graham stopping short of actually making it himself.

Now, though, another creator named Edward La Barbera seems to have picked up the torch, releasing his own unofficial take on what Frasier would look like as a traditional turn-based RPG, under Graham's joke title. The game was developed with the Game Boy Color and Analogue Pocket in mind and sees Frasier completing tasks for several characters from the show in order to get ready for a dinner party. You'll visit Frasier's apartment, the KACL studios, and Café Nervosa, as well as other familiar locations that you'll no doubt recognize if you've ever seen the show.

Here's a description of the game taken from

"Experience the thrilling adventure of living an evening as Dr. Frasier Crane!

FIGHT for your antique silverware!

SNEAK through the live-in-help's bedroom!

ATTEMPT to throw the ultimate dinner party!

Frasier Fantasy is a loving tribute to the show, "Frasier," in turn-based RPG form. Filled with Easter Eggs and callbacks, this is the game for anyone wondering if Eddie ever blinked first."

You can play the game now in your browser or download the Game Boy Color and Analogue Pocket files on for free. Here is the trailer for the game:

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