Image: Allumer

As reported by Famitsu, this week's Arcade Archives title will be Blandia, Allumer's 1992 fighting game sequel to Gladiator (otherwise known as Ougon no Shiro or Great Gurianos). It will be available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch from tomorrow (October 19th).

Whereas its predecessor Gladiator featured a combination of sidescrolling and fighting gameplay, Blandia plays much more like a traditional fighting game, taking the globe-trotting action of something like Street Fighter II and sprinkling in items like weapons and shields.

The game takes place five years after Gladiator and sees players picking one of six legendary warriors (Gurianos, Irriana, Retsu Zen, Diokles, Jurane, McGill) on a quest to defeat the demonic lord Gildus who has risen from the dead.

Following its original release in the arcades, the game was later ported to FM Towns' computers (as Blandia Plus) and the PC-9821 (as Blandia 98).

You can watch some footage of the game below:

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