Zing Zing Zip
Image: Tecmo

Hamster has revealed that this week's Arcade Archives release will be the Tecmo-published/Allumer-developed vertical shoot 'em up Zing Zing Zip (as reported by Famitsu!) It will be available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch starting tomorrow (that is, September 7th).

Zing Zing Zip was released in the arcades back in 1992 and utilizes a retro-futuristic aesthetic that places World War II-style airplanes and scenery alongside giant robot tanks and laser-powered weaponry. Other than that, its most notable feature has to be its exaggerated voice-overs, which shout out phrases like "Jellybean", "Oh Yeah!", and "Hey, Hey, Hey!" as you collect bombs and progress through the different stages.

Zing Zing Zip is now the fourth Allumer title to come to Arcade Archives, following Rezon, Mad Shark, and Magical Speed. This comes off the back of Hamster buying the rights to the Allumer back catalog last February.

You can watch a playthrough of the game below to see it in action:

[source famitsu.com, via twitter.com]