Frog Boy Color
Image: Froggo Customs

The Game Boy modding scene has given us plenty of amazing advancements recently, including superior screens, rechargeable batteries and louder speakers.

However, modder Chris Hackmann (also known as Froggo Customs on Etsy) has created something even more unique – the Frog Boy Color – which is a "fully custom Game Boy Color, from the shell to the PCB" (thanks, RetroDodo).

While Hackmann has used both off-the-shelf and original parts for this project, the case is entirely new, as is the circuit board. He's reused many original components – such as the CPU, RAM and cartridge slot – but has engineered an entirely new PCB for these parts to sit on.

He's then added a FunnyPlaying Q5 IPS screen, improved stereo speakers, better buttons and a built-in battery which can be charged via USB-C.

The end result is an adorably dinky Game Boy clone. But how do you get one? Well, Hackmann sadly doesn't have plans to sell these devices, but he has mentioned that he may, in the future, release the design files that will allow people to create the PCB and custom shell so they can make their own.

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